Consolidation Module: Gamification

This online module (newly available in HS19) is one of the program’s supplemental consolidation courses. At first glance, it may seem that university teaching and playing games don’t fit. But in class, playful elements, like competitions, voting or little games to loosen things up. Gaming motivates and increases concentration. The module covers a spectrum of playing from integrating playful methods into teaching to courses designed specially to develop a game. The goal of the module is to get to know the matter of Gamification and to show possibilities for use in your own tutorial.


  1. Gamification, Playful Learning, Gamebased Learning: Introduction, theory
  2. Playful Learning: Methods for teaching
  3. Adjusting/Adapting games
  4. Developing games

The module has a workload of around five hours and can be booked through the regular booking modules under the "Start! Teaching Assistant Qualification" program (Booking and Cancellation Deadline can be found here). The content can be accessed on OLAT. The assessment is based on a woorkbook containing around five to seven exercises, which are submitted via OLAT.

At the moment this module is only conducted in german. The english version will follow soon.


Co-Authoring/external expertise: Rebecca Welge, Robert Lovell, Saskia Ruth