The Center for University Teaching and Learning...

… is an expert agency

We know the key findings of current teaching and learning  research, its scope and relevance. We participate in generating new knowledge about university teaching and learning. With this focus on scientific and research, we create indispensable prerequisites for our services in a university context.

... is a discourse space

We cultivate the exchange with persons who are interested in teaching and learning processes and bring lecturers into conversation with their knowledge and their experiences.
We are well connected in the Zurich area as well as nationally and internationally. We maintain the exchange with other university teaching and learning institutions and know their offers and profiles.
Thereby we optimize our own activity and contribute to the professional discussion.

... is a future laboratory

We look ahead and discuss future developments in university teaching and learning. We initiate innovations and accompany their implementation.
In this way, we help to further develop the university as a place of study and education.